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We need to talk about cancellations creates a personalized booking experience for every guest, which drives engagement and unparalleled guest conversion and is supported by digital marketing with outstanding website design. 2022 Cancellation Rate Trends: How can you maintain guest retention Without a doubt, one of the most challenging things about running a hotel is the tendency for guests to […]

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The Hoteliers Playbook for Integrating Hotel Systems To Maximize Guest Recognition

Learn how vital hotel systems can be interlinked to improve operations, better connect with guests, and provide real loyalty rewards that move the needle on maximizing revenue. The hotel industry may be welcoming more guests now than pre-pandemic times, but resource limitations and the uncertainty about the trends that will impact the industry going forward […]

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Robotic Process Automation Will Shape the Future of Hotel Operations

By Angelo Directo, VP, Design and Innovation In the wake of the COVID pandemic, hotel operators are facing intense pressure to mitigate rising labor costs while still providing exemplary customer service. While operators have always been sharply focused on labor costs as a line item on the expense report, the current economic climate will shape […]

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How CRM Technology is Helping Hoteliers Reimagine Guest Recognition and Loyalty

By Allegra Medina, Senior Director – Product Hotel operators take customer loyalty very seriously, but not every hotelier is in a position to provide a traditional guest loyalty program. These conventional programs require significant overhead to operate efficiently, from training hotel workers to offer and redeem points to maintaining the servers that collect guest information. However, […]

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How to Approach Your Hotel’s Integration Strategy in the Age of Automation

By Yannis Anastasakis, VP of Solutions & Partners The hospitality industry is entering a new age of automation allowing operators to refocus their efforts away from costly minutia of repetitive actions, and back on to guests – as long as they can find a way to integrate the necessary systems to do so. Operators have […]

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Guest Whitepaper: Total Revenue Management – Casino Hotels

The essentials of managing casino customer demand to optimize profit. By Sue Murphy CRME, ComOps Introduction Casino hotels comprise only a tiny fraction of hundreds of thousands  of hotels across the world. Perhaps due to this limited scope, the  industry lacks universal performance metrics, and casino customers  might find frustratingly varied booking experiences across different […]

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Google Analytics 4 – what is it and what do I need to know?

Since its release way back in 2005, Google Analytics has had a significant impact on the way we are able to monitor, measure and make changes to our website performance. Sure it’s been through many significant updates to improve its functionality and usability over the years, but this time, one of the most widely used analytics […]

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Digital Marketing Trends

By Eileen Lillis, Sarah Sweeney and Elle Walsh. Here in SHR Group our Digital Marketing team are always on the lookout for and testing new and innovative tech and marketing platforms to see how they could; be adopted for our Hotel clients. Below is a snapshot of what the team have been keeping an eye […]

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