allora Central Reservation System (Windsurfer)

Empower your hotel with a user-centric reservation management system that works for you

Streamline your reservation processes, enhance guest experiences, and optimize your operations with a system tailored to your specific needs, ensuring smooth and efficient bookings, all while reaching a global audience.

From the moment a guest makes a reservation, the allora system takes care of all the necessary steps, from availability checks to confirmation emails. You can easily manage and organize reservations, view real-time availability, and make updates with just a few clicks, while also boosting your bookings with enhanced visibility on a global scale through the Global Distribution System (GDS), major OTAs and multiple channel managers. By automating these tasks, you can save time and reduce the risk of errors, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional guest service.

But it doesn’t stop there. The user-centric reservation management system goes beyond basic hotel CRS functionality. It allows you to personalize guest preferences, track guest history, and gather valuable insights to deliver personalized experiences. You can effortlessly manage special requests, track guest preferences, and surprise your guests with a truly tailored stay.


allora Revenue Management System (Wave)

Simplify or scale with flexible rate management solutions with AI-powered data driven decisions to meet your unique business needs

Experience the freedom to simplify or scale your rate management with flexible automation solutions tailored to empower you to customize and craft with a balance of AI and user controls, your ideal strategy.

Whether you prefer a streamlined approach or want to leverage advanced integrations, allora’s rate management solutions empower you to customize your revenue management strategy according to your preferences. It’s algorithms continuously assess your hotel’s booking patterns and adjust in response to shifting market conditions. This adaptive approach enables you to predict room sales and establish pricing accordingly.

Need a simple and straightforward system? Allora has you covered. Want to explore advanced integrations to optimize your revenue? Allora can accommodate that too. By harnessing the power of AI, it formulates an optimal selling strategy by analyzing past and present booking sales data, empowering you to stay competitive in the market, with flexibility and scalability.


allora Internet Booking Engine

Unleash the full potential of your most lucrative channel: your personal booking engine

Your personal booking engine is an invaluable asset that can significantly boost your business’s profitability. By utilizing this powerful tool, you have the ability to maximize your revenue and take control of your bookings like never before.

With your own booking engine, you can effortlessly manage and streamline the entire booking process. Gone are the days of relying on third-party platforms or online travel agents to handle your reservations. Instead, you can offer a seamless and personalized booking experience direct to your guests, with every guest feeling nurtured and seen. Increasing customer retention and acquisition.

Whether it be a first-time visitor or repeat customer, allora serves the most relevant and persuasive messages along the entire path to purchase. This level of control enables you to optimize your pricing strategy, maximize occupancy, tailor your offerings to meet the specific needs of your target audience and increase committed bookings by 25%.



Unlock additional value and enhance online experiences with integrated shopping opportunities

Embrace the power of additional value and enhance online experiences with integrated shopping opportunities that seamlessly extend beyond simple bookings.

Allora offers a comprehensive solution that allows your customers to conveniently browse and purchase products or services directly from your website or app.


Retention Optimizer

Stop cancellations in their tracks by monitoring guest behavior patterns

Embrace the power of monitoring guest behavior and sending targeted messages to ensure maximum hotel guest retention and minimize cancellations.

Allora’s advanced system closely monitors guest interactions, preferences, and booking history to identify potential cancellation risks. By analyzing this data, allora allows you to proactively intervene and send personalized messages to address any concerns, offer incentives, or provide relevant information that encourages guests to maintain their reservations.

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allora Central Reservation System (Windsurfer)


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