Equip yourself with allora’s expansive tools and services to reap the advantages of a robust system that consistently delivers results.

Our Web Design (WD) service is specifically tailored to support the strong brand standards and unified guest experience you strive for on your website.

We understand how loyalty programs and guest engagement play a vital role in the hotel industry, as you seek to reward and retain your frequent guests. Allora’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows you to stay one step ahead by knowing your guests and what they want before they even do. With the ability to proactively understand your guests, you can provide a truly proactive and personalized service with our scalable Loyalty program, enhanced guest engagement, and personalized marketing initiatives.

Designed to accommodate a diverse global workforce the Central Reservation System (CRS) is easily learned, enabling significant savings in training time and costs, while instilling confidence in your employees.

Enjoy the versatility of room marketing with utmost flexibility. Embrace the freedom for each hotel to independently list and sell room types as they see fit, maximizing their potential in every global market.

We have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements faced by your global hotel chain

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Easily integrate all aspects of your business to form a whole ecosystem using the full suite of allora.ai's tools. Harness the power of data across every element of your business to stay ahead of your competition.



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allora Central Reservation System (Windsurfer)


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allora Customer Relationship Management (Maverick)

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